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Tim Connolly

Tim founded his first executive search firm, ALC Enable, in 2001 and in 2022 founded C-Enable for the Crypto and Digital Asset industry, followed by Benchmark your Job in 2023.

With a background in film, theatre and publishing, he established the ‘Creative and Media’ practice for a London executive search firm in the late 1990s.

With 22 years of working with top end headhunting firms around the world, Tim saw an opportunity gap for a top end executive search and talent consultancy business focused at Board and C-level within the crypto space. This resulted in C-Enable, the first search firm to do this in a dedicated way and Benchmark your Job was a natural spin-off.

Tim also coaches and mentors industry leaders, enabling them to hone their skills and experience, develop and prioritise their plans for their business and achieve their goals.

He is fanatical about 1980s and 2020s music, a passionate skier, an okay chess player, a below-average children’s magician, and the least prolific stand-up comedian on the London circuit, averaging one gig every 4 years to date. He still would like to try his hand at comedy, it’s just a question of whether his arm and the rest of his body will follow. 

Paulina Chmielek

With a solid background in technical recruitment from agencies and software houses in Poland, Paulina Chmielek is a key contributor to the Benchmark your Job team. Her educational journey began with a technical university background and a degree in Pedagogy, fostering her expertise in both technology and interpersonal dynamics.

Outside her professional life, Paulina's passions span from music to technology, with a strong affinity for endurance sports. Additionally, she is deeply intrigued by the dynamic and transformative world of cryptocurrency.

Aleksandra Trpchevska
Client Partner & Executive Search Consultant

Aleksandra Trpchevska is the architect of exceptional matches in recruitment and executive search, working on a global basis.

With over 4 years in executive recruitment, she's proven her worth as a trusted partner for companies seeking top-tier talent.

With a foundation in both business and technology, Aleksandra's unique background allows her to bridge the gap between the intricate requirements of roles within the crypto sector and the strategic business goals of her clients.

Her knack for understanding client needs serves as the foundation for successful searches that consistently yield top-notch candidates who align seamlessly with her client's objectives.

Her reputation is built on commitment to excellence, leadership, and a holistic grasp of tech, business, and talent.

Aleksandra has lived in the US and holds a degree in English Language and Literature. She speaks several languages including English, Spanish, and Macedonian, with a working knowledge of Italian and French.

In her free time, she enjoys travel and dancing as well as reading personal development books and suspense novels.

Michał Masłakow
Executive Search Associate

Michal effectively leads our global data entry team while also spearheading research for talent and M&A projects on behalf of our executive search clients. Additionally, Michal undertakes Executive Search ventures within the Crypto Industry.

Michal is a former Welsh Youth Soccer Champion and an active football player, who brings the invaluable ethos of sports teamwork into the business arena, highlighting the parallels between sports victories and corporate triumphs.

Karolina Miller
Executive Search Associate

Coming from a design background, Karolina serves as a researcher while also being an integral part of the data entry and research team.

Karolina is excited to be immersing herself in the crypto industry and explore the possibilities it offers.

Outside work, Karolina enjoys long forest walks with her dog Popeye, live music, and spending hours in the cinema. She loves to surround herself with people, always friendly and willing to help.


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